At the presentation of the Honda CBR 250R at the Grand Center on Wednesday (27/10/2010), Honda Motor Co. (HMC), show more than five units and one of the following exhaust is jeroannya. Sport bike five, three of them had received a light touch or change.

Interestingly, works much better mugen which is identical to the change in ownership of Honda four-wheel drive. From pengamanatan only changes in the body, while the engine is not specific data were obtained because the HMC without information.

Mugen saw Touch model made that energy boost may Knalpot. To confirm that a sport bike, black lined with red lips Mugen Berkel bed.

In the body of the fairing wind conditions that prefer the red line with sepatbor and connects with the president wrapped in red leather. Finally, make sure the driver footrest replaced a sporty tank top is golden brown.

While Mugen Honda CBR 250R, Honda calls the other (original equipment Honda mode). The feeling is more visible.

As protectors of the flight, the standard model with a carbon fiber material is replaced. Footrest Standard driver running style. Then the engine guard cover left and right data for the tank and fairing set red, including the layer also contains brake fluid.

At the front, to be replaced by a straight sepatbor carbon fiber material. Second amended grip design mirror also.