Yamaha Vixion Modification

Yamaha Vixion The fuel injection system already, able to regulate the supply of gas mixture more accurate so that it can produce great power, yet economical and environmentally friendly fuel. This technology is referred to Mizuno as a new generation of sport commuter (later all the motors in the world will use these technologies.)
Yamaha Vixion ModificationV-Ixion embracing framework deltaboks. This type is identical to the same chassis as the power port bike about 200% more rigid than the tubular model. So that affects the stability during cornering.
Radiator and cooling system 4 valve cylinder head, suspension mono shock.
The components are relatively the same as other types of Yamaha. Suppose the cylinder and cylinder head components like MX 135 LC. Component cooling is also equal to MX.
Sein lights, headlights, handlebars stolen goods from New Yamaha RX-King. Then the rear brake is the same as RX-King or a Scorpio.
Acceleration is more felt in the middle rounds of the above 6,000 rpm. While the windmill down, less energy 'kick'. This is understandable considering the torque and maximum power is achieved at a rather high spin, namely 13.1 Nm/7.500 rpm (max torque) and 14.9 dk/8.500 rpm (max power).
Even so, to be used to climb in the Peak area which slope quite extreme, either alone or with freinds 3 Vixion teeth are still unused.