Harness for the drivers

Using safety equipment on the highway is a must, to keep things that do not want to be on when driving.
Well, recently, Dainese jacket issued in the form of products that are intended for bikers and is composed of protective clothing for motor racing. Like the armor that protects the bikers from the accident.
Dainese is an Italian company, which is one in particular equipment manufacturers of automotive equipment in the world's best safety. This company has provided a protector for motorists with high quality since 1972.
After more than 10 years conducting research in the D-Tec, Dainese technology center. Finally, the company launched the protective clothing with innovative air bag systems, D-water. Protective clothing that is supporting security equipment while driving.
Technology protective clothing with water bag had actually been used in the MotoGP class heavyweight competition by Yamaha rider Valentino Rossi and Jorge Lorenzo. However, Marco Simoncelli, Thomas Luthi and Michi Ranseder also use D-class racing action of water in 250 cc and 125 cc.
Actually, Simoncelli was the one who is the first iron horse rider who tested the reliability of D-water racing airbag. This rider fell on the track racing in November 2007 when the Grand Prix season-ending race in Valencia, when this technology was first revealed.
In the form of protective clothing safety of this jacket, embedded air bag placed in the back. Precisely at the biker neck. Air bags to reduce the shock of a fatal accident for the head, neck or shoulder.
Air bag will inflate it in about four seconds, so the sensor signal collision. Thus the important parts of the body such as head, neck, shoulders were immediately protected.
Dainese, is one of the first companies to begin to develop a racing suit equipped with air bags. They refine the prototype and eventually a protective agency for the regular rider is created.
In perfecting their products, the Dainese has conducted a series of tests, particularly to fit daily use on the highway. Among them are, testing the Mountain Course since 2007 - until the end of 2009.
One of the results of a number of tests that is, decreasing the weight of this jacket compared to the same products used in MotoGP racing game. D-water weight is now no more than 600 grams. While the use of the rider in MotoGP, including Jorge Lorenzo can weigh up to 1.5 kilograms.
With D-water, the Bikers can be protected from harm while driving. However sanyangnya Dainese not mention how much protective clothing drive was a drive Saar.