Tips Selling Your Car

Here are 10 simple steps that will help you turn your used car into cash. Everything from pricing to advertising and negotiating is covered in this short, easy-to-follow process.
Step 1: Consider market factors affecting the sale of your car
Step 2: Check local classified ads to see what others in your area are asking for your type of vehicle
Step 3: Give your car "curb appeal" by cleaning and detailing it. Fix any problems or drop the price and sell it "as is."
Step 4: Where to Advertise Your Car
Step 5: Create a "For Sale" sign for your car window.
Step 6: Showing Your Car,Post an eye-catching online or print classified advertisement.
Step 7: Negotiate for Your Best Price,Negotiate your best selling price by knowing the market and not dropping your price too quickly. Be patient. Don't let yourself be pressured
Step 8: Handling Complications, Make yourself available to answer calls from potential buyers.
Step 9: Finalize the Sale,Finalize the sale by fulfilling all state motor vehicles department paperwork to transfer ownership and limit your liability.
Step 10: After the Sale,Remove all personal items from your car before it is driven away by the new owner. rewritten from