Corvette V8-New Generation

 DETROIT-All the fan speed must be familiar with the Chevrolet Corvette. Icon fast cars made by automobile manufacturers from the United States (U.S.) has been quite a legend in the automotive world.
After greeting customers with a sixth-generation Corvette, now Chrevolet plans to bring the latest generation of super cars.
Chevrolet redesigned Icon realized that his company is not easy,
but the seventh-generation Corvette will continue to have an exotic design, typical of America.
Aided by a college student majoring in design, James Robbins Chevrolet has a picture of what his future was a super car.
Not home made, Robbins takes some time to research the history of Corvette design language and all other information in order to find the right mix for new Corvette design concept.
Behind the front hood, Chevrolet plans to transplant a hunk of a capacity of 5500 cc V8 engine with the latest technology from General Motors.
Engine with direct injection technology is reportedly able to generate power of 440 hp.
According to the plan, Chevrolet will likely be a vehicle to realize terebut design concept in 2012.