Rossi's favorite color is placed on the sea

 Madonna IN CIMPIGLIO - By Valentino Rossi, Ducati willing to share his greatness a little color. If the first Ducati is famous for its red and white colors are dominant, now, starting this year the color of their motor little changed.
As revealed in GP11 motor package which launched on Wednesday, Ducati give a touch of highlighter yellow color which is the typical color of Rossi. This was done for the sake of smooth out desire anyarnya racer was to keep the color of his greatness.
Rossi's favorite color is placed on the seat, the back of the motor and the motor number (46). Not only in the motor, a yellow highlighter will also adorn the jacket Rossi, in addition to helmets used seven times MotoGP world champion this.
Meanwhile, teammate Nicky Hayden has a slightly different color bike. If the motor contains accent yellow highlighter Rossi, packets belonging GP11 World Championship 2006 is decorated with black accents, such as cited, Thursday (13/01/2011)