Magnetic Air Car

Magnetic Air Car
It is a concept that was created in the thirties but never became popular for various reasons. Recently this is catching on because of the feature that it uses clean energy and global warming can be reversed. Earlier versions were not that efficient and the cars using this technology did not have high speed so they were not the preferred lot much.

The advantages of this type of cars are that no fuel used other than the compressed air is used. The engine design was such that it did not require ignition system, cooling system, carburetor, and other moving parts in any typical car that uses gasoline for fuel. Also to add to the list of advantages we can say that as it use compressed air as fuel no much pollution is caused by its use or any exhaust emissions exist. Thus the list can go on and is long and in favor of manufacturing this kind of cars. Another example is that the battery used in this is acid free and not very expensive also added to it is it lasts quite long, actually more than any standard car battery which can be recycled.
All things will always have some disadvantages and this magnetic car is not devoid of it. There are no experimental results available about its working as yet. It may be because no study from any reliable source has been taken on this subject seriously by anyone so far. This mystery can be revealed only on the practical use of it as most of the things known are only on book and it has up to now remained mainly only a concept needed to be realized in practice for the betterment of mankind and the world at large.
All said and done it is the future car no doubt for many reasons. One, the fuel resources are depleting fast and global warming needs to be addressed soon for all the living things on the earth may be in danger if it is not given due priority before it becomes too late.
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