Rossi to test for Ducati


wow ... .. Yamaha finally allow Rossi to test for Ducati at Valencia!
after previous Yamaha mengasih no clarity about this, yesterday finally gave permission to Rossi's Yamaha to Ducati test ends after the Valencia GP Rossi ... can not directly test for Ducati after the Valencia GP Rossi's contract with Yamaha expire at the end of the year ... not the end of the season ... finished Rossi need a valid license from Yamaha to test with manufacturers that will be defended in 2011 and 2012 seasons were ...
The following excerpt talks on GPOne Rossi
"I spoke this morning Furusawa, and he Gave me the go ahead to test the Ducati in Valencia, It Seems like a nice gesture, you see That Yamaha has given value to what I've done in recent years"