Aprilia FV2 concept

At this year EICMA Motorcycle Show in Milan, Aprilia showed us a new concept model, FV2, which strongly affects the future direction shows that they will take the technology on their bikes.
The concept was there in part to present their developed (but not yet used) 1200cc fly-by-wire engine on the basis of Aprilia Shiver and Dorsoduro 750. Although some of the technology shown here is more likely to be seen with the new Aprilia V4 engine in the RSV4.The revolutionary parallelogram front suspension is lifted GP250 bike and is already a proven system, with some parts carbon.
Designed by Aprilia Style Studio Miguel Galluzzi, who most famous for designing the original Ducati Monster.
The chassis is largely carbon, the hollow structure that doubles as AIRBOXE which, with aluminum-carbon subframe, the bike gives a weight of less than 160 kg. Although it is difficult to see how this could be cost mass production effectively with the current state of carbon technology.

Electronics also strongly beyond the ride-by-wire fuel management. Included is electronically managed suspension that can adapt to road conditions on the fly, with the telemetry data available through an interface for PC users to pilot a new wealth of information and control of their bikes and style. To make this point, a Sony PlayStation Portable (PSP) was used as a scoreboard for the display (there was a long association between Aprilia Racing and the PlayStation brand), implying that such a device could be used for data logging and fine-tuning the suspension settings and engine mapping and GPS and a mobile communications device.
Traction control and ABS are also bike the extensive list of features electronic lights and whose leadership rotates with the bike.
These futuristic solutions have led to an incredible weight reduction (the FV2 1200 weighs less than 160 kg) and an extremely compact size. The extraordinary agility that has always characterized Aprilia motorcycles therefore finds its greatest expression in the FV2 1200.
The 1200 cc V twin engine is liquid cooled and boast a ride-by-wire control system. Traction control, a latest generation ABS system and electronic suspension management are also provided to allow you to run at peak performance while maintaining complete control over the bike.
The Aprilia FV2 1200 dashboard incorporates a multi-functional instrument cluster that can be interfaced with not only the bike own CAN line but with a PC too, which allows download telemetric data for the evaluation of personal performance, reconfigure the information on the scoreboard, load new mappings of the Internet, display itineraries, and integrate GPRS and GSM modules for mobile connectivity.


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