Scion iQ concept

2009 Scion iQ concept Picture2009 Scion iQ conceptScion iQ concept is a new urban vehicle with a revolutionary package that a little over 10 meters long and over three seats is pockets. As cities increasingly revitalized with a new meaning and purpose to move energy and creativity of young people from the suburbs to embrace the new urbanism and is for a car that meets your needs and look offers a very high emotional value. Scion iQ concept is the intelligent response to this need for city very emotional and effective. The convenience of having work, entertainment and culture in the vicinity of the city of youth is a major attraction for the urban centers. The vehicle must be in a position in the narrow alleys and crowded, tight parking spaces to move, have impressive fuel economy and have a stylish functional design. "Scion iQ concept, the traditional concept of the car in reverse turns," said Jack Hollis, vice president of Scion. "Traditionally, small vehicles have been developed as a basis. IQ concept is the opposite of its innovative features and iconic urban design, and we believe fits well with the Scion brand. Our young buyers are innovative thinkers and creative trends before, and we believe that they appreciate what iQ has to offer. "The iQ production is currently sold in Japan and Europe. Five Axis of Huntington Beach, California, the IQ of a higher level with the external and internal damage to aggressive exposure of the vehicle customization potential. With its wheelbase is 78.7 inches, the three-door hatchback can skillfully maneuver through city traffic. At the same time, total length 126.9 cm, width of 71.4 inches front and rear overhangs and short let the iQ to fit almost any space in the city. The front differential and positioned to reduce the length direction of the grating. In addition, the iQ equipped with a gas tank under the floor flat on the rear overhang reduced.