Mercedes Benz GLK350 Review

 Mercedes Benz GLK350 Mercedes Benz GLK350 Picture Mercedes Benz GLK350 InteriorWhat a difference a decade.
seriously 10 years ago, Mercedes-Benz affect his image with the introduction of what was then a small SUV ML320 .. the. It cost somewhere in the middle of the 30s, they take in a new market segment, but was an important step in what people expect from Mercedes in materials and workmanship.
An even smaller SUV should be more reason to despair, is not it? No, not now.
You see, Mercedes as a whole has followed the law of the ML320 garden path ... leading to a decade-Benz less than all of the specific model names ... even some whose prices are surprisingly high.
The good news is that MB appears in the bite with some products that seem to draw his bar to higher market share ... It is in this environment, GLK350 force.
Size? Think somewhere between a Ford Escape and Ford Explorer.
Price? The base is a reasonable price of $ 35,900. For that you get power to a 268 V6 with a seven-speed automatic transmission, leading to EPA, about 16 miles per gallon city/21 highway.
Best of all, it feels firmer than the LMA has never ... and if at 10 high-quality options (premium light package, Media package, Sport Appearance Package) does not seem too stupid or too much because, well, it's a Mercedes loaded. Must be a notch above other things.
to pay for years, people a premium for Mercedes-Benz quality and technology, is not the board itself. When the days are back, we are all better off.


This applies to all-wheel drive GLK. Select the model of two-wheel-drive, and the base price is $ 34.600 reduced ... making it one of the cheapest Benz you can buy. And because the ML 320 1998 $ 33.900, is incredible. Fuel consumption remains unchanged in the city, but improved to 22 on the road.

A recent campaign in the two-wheel-drive model strengthens the previous revision to all four wheels. And this time, Mercedes was only about 8,000 in options (premium multimedia package and the iPod interface) ... so under the dash for $ 875 shipping and handling was $ 42.925.